Symposium date:
October 19-21, 2020 | Paris

Latest news

Registration is Open

Registration for the conference is now open. Please go to the Registration page for more information.

Symposium extended to 3 days

We have had a huge response to our call for papers with about twice as many abstracts received as expected. That means we are starting the Symposium on Monday 25th May.- probably about 2pm but please watch this space for confirmation of times.

Two weeks to go before Abstract Deadline.

Please note everyone, abstracts must be in by 17th January.

New Topics Proposed

To respond to the increasing interest certain other themes related to noise in the Symposium we have decided to introduce the following topics:

  • Challenges in using drones for listening (Drone Audition), e.g., UAV-embedded sound source localization and detection systems, search & rescue, ego-noise control, etc
  • Supporting safety and security through acoustic detection and identification of drones.

Regulations and Standards

We are looking for abstracts in the above subjects in particular - if anyone is involved in research in this area.