Symposium date:
October 19-21, 2020 | Paris

Quiet Drones

Themes and Topics


(established from 75 abstracts accepted on July 5th 2020)

For a list of Abstracts submitted click here

Opening session

  • Welcome to the symposium

  • Instructions to delegates
  • Introductory talks

Main Sessions

  • Assessing noise emitted by drones
  • Noise impact on people and environment
  • Measurements, analysis, auralization.
  • Airspace integration of drone operations and noise impact on urban soundscapes / urban air mobility
  • Standardization on noise produced by uass and uavs and related regulations
  • Specific noise concerns with packages and goods deliveries by drones
  • Blades optimization: geometries, materials, serrations
  • Rotor/structure interaction /shrouded propellers
  • Multirotors
  • Drone audition / acoustic localization using drones
  • Acoustic detection / identification of drones


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