Updated 2nd March 2022

This Symposium is organised by INCE/Europe in association with CidB.

INCE/Europe is a not for profit organisation under the umbrella of I-INCE (International Institute of Noise Control Engineering). INCE/E organises conferences on noise topics not usually covered by mainstream conferences and currently runs the biennial Wind Turbine Noise Conferences.

CidB is Le Centre d’information et de documentation sur le bruit. It is a place of resources and dissemination of information dedicated to promoting the quality of our sound environment.

Organising Committee

Jean Tourret (President INCE/Europe) – Chair

Dick Bowdler (Director INCE/Europe) – Co-Chair

Laurent Droin (Director CidB)

Geoff Leventhall (Director INCE/Europe)

Philippe Strauss (Technical Journalist CidB)

Cathy Mackenzie (INCE/Europe) Administration

Advisory Committee

François Xavier Bécot: MATELYS-Research Lab (France)

Marion Burgess: UNSW (Australia)

Séverine Charmant: DGAC / Conseil des Drones Civils, (France)

Eddie Duncan: RSG (USA)

Fabrice Cuzieux: ONERA (France)

Nicolas Eertmans: European Commission (Belgium)

Anna Jackman: Univ of Reading (UK)

Philippe Maraval: Ministry of Ecological Transition (France)

Christopher Rooff: U.S. Department of Transportation (USA)

Joachim Scheuren: Müller BBM (Germany)

Edlin Shaun: Dotterel Technologies Ltd (New Zealand)

Xin Zhang: Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology (SAR/China)

Technical Committee

Roalt Aalmoes: NLR (The Netherlands)

Julien Caillet : Airbus-Helicopters (France)

Franck Cléro : ONERA (France)

Andrew Christian : NASA (USA)

Patricia Davies : I-INCE V-President Technical Activities (USA)

Antoine Deleforge : INRIA Nancy – Grand Est (France)

Hinnerk Eißfeldt: DLR German Aerospace Center (Germany)

Robert Hellweg: Technology for a Quieter America Workshops Steering Committee (USA)

Lucille Lamotte: MicrodB (France)

Antonio J. Torija Martinez: Acoustic Research Centre, Univ. of Salford (UK)

Andy McKenzie: Hayes Mckenzie Partnership (UK)

Tiziano Pagliaroli : Universita Niccolo Cusano (Italy)

Christophe Schram: Von Karman Institute (Belgium)

Mirjam Snellen: (TU Delft) - (The Netherlands)

Serguei Timushev: Moscow Aviation Institute – NRU (Russia)

Michael Wieland: UAV DACH e.V. (Germany)



DGAC - France

DLR - Germany

Ministère de la Transition Écologique - France

I-INCE - International

NLR - The Netherlands

ONERA - France

TU Delft - The Netherlands

Von Karman Institute - Belgium