Date du Symposium:
Juin 2022 | Paris

Drone News

Drones and COVID-19

Drones do not need to be quiet to fight COVID-19

Mysterious Drone Squadrons

Squadrons of drones are reported flying mysteriously at night in various parts of the US. Including through wind farms.

EASA High Level Conference on Drones

The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) discussed the impact of drones on the environment as well as safety and privacy issues at Amsterdam Drone Week this month. There was little about noise but Patrick Ky urged the European Parliament to agree acceptable noise levels last september.

UK will have to wait for new government for new UAV laws

New laws to combat illegal use of unmanned aircraft and modernise airspace including controls of noise will have to wait as the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill has fallen away because of the UK election.

US First Drone Delivery?

Virginia town becomes home to nation’s first drone package delivery service:

One solution to the delivery noise problem?

A2Z Drone Delivery says it has developed a tethered delivery mechanism enabling UAVs to maintain a high AGL hover above a target before the package safely and accurately touches down. With this approach noise is mitigated by maintaining sufficient altitude.