Symposium date:
May 26-27, 2020 | Paris

Themes and Topics

Some of the themes and topics to be addressed are shown below:

  • Will noise become a new hurdle which could impair the development of drones?
  • Noise emission from fixed-wing and rotorcraft drones/UASs /UAVs in different operating conditions .
  • Characterization of noise emission of UASs and UAVs : sound power, hovering or by-pass noise, other measurements. Certification processes, databases.
  • Noise control at source and low noise design for new machines,
  • Experimental and modelling approaches, auralization.
  • Noise impact on people and the environment : annoyance penalty of drones in comparison with other surface and air transport means. Concerns from state or local authorities / community acceptance, wildlife, air trafic. Psychoacoustic metrics for characterisation of drones.
  • New European policy and legislation on safety, security, privacy and related noise requirements. Other noise regulations worldwide.
  • Airspace integration of drone operations and noise impact on urban or rural soundscapes: mitigation by control of zones and routes, and around vertiports, simulation for drone operations.
  • Specific noise concerns with packages and goods deliveries by drones
  • Privacy and security concerns related to ultra silent machines.
  • Urban Air Mobility through autonomous air-taxis : state of development of vehicles, foreseen operations and constraints due to noise.