Symposium date:
September 8-11, 2024 | Manchester


Updated 30 January 2024

Quiet Drones is a symposium focused on all aspects of noise and acoustics from Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, also known as ‘drones’) and VTOLs (i.e., ‘flying taxis’).

Quiet Drones is for Industry representatives, public authorities, regulators, consultants, and academics working on noise control and acoustics with a focus on Advanced Air Mobility, as well as UAS users. An international audience is expected, with expertise covering topics such as aeroacoustics, psychoacoustics, signal processing, noise control, auralisation and acoustic predictions and standards and regulation.

To date, 2 symposia have been organised by INCE/Europe in association with CidB - Centre d'Information sur le Bruit. Quiet Drones 2020, the first symposium in the series was held online in October 2020.  The second symposium, Quiet Drones 2022, was held remotely in June 2022. Both events were a huge success and you can read more about it and find out what people thought about it on the past conferences page.  You can also download the conference proceedings of the Quiet Drones 2020 and 2022 symposia.


Quiet Drones 2024, the next symposium in the series, is organised by the University of Salford (UK) and will take place between 8th and 11th of September 2024.


Quiet Drones 2024 will present methods under development for establishing measurement standards on noise from UAS and VTOLs, as well as new metrics to characterise the impact of their noise on people and the environment. It will explain about recent advances in the study of noise generation and control at its source as well as propagation in different flying conditions and environments. It will also present acoustic tools for the detection and identification of drones as well as drone audition methods for search and rescue. And it will discuss public acceptance of the noise of delivery UAS as well as of air taxis in European cities and the rest of the world.

Quiet Drones 2024 will provide a venue for researchers on drone noise to meet with manufacturers, users and those engaged in designing innovative applications for this new technology.


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Satellite event after Quiet Drones Conference 2024

Date of Conference: 12 -13 September 2024

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