Symposium date:
October 19-21, 2020 | Paris

Quiet Drones

Important Dates

There will be some changes for authors now we have an e-symposium. Following abstract submission and acceptance, authors will need produce a full paper by the papers deadline in the normal way. That paper will be published in the proceedings.

When we accept an abstract that acceptance is conditional on the content of the final paper.

We will also expect you to provide a short presentation in advance of the Symposium. Details will be posted in due course.

The table below gives a list of the important dates and deadlines.

12 Jun 20 Deadline for changes to abstracts/new abstracts

13 Aug 20 Deadline for submission of full papers

28 August Deadline for submission of presentation

28 August Deadline for authors to register.

19 Oct 20 Day 1

20 Oct 20 Day 2

21 Oct 20 Day 3

We can't give you a detailed programme until 4 to 6 weeks before the symposium. However, the Symposium is likely to run for the full three days - but see our page on the New Remote Format for Quiet Drones.

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