Symposium date:
May 25-27, 2020 | Paris

Quiet Drones

Authors Instructions and Guidance

This page is for those of you who have had an abstract accepted. The next stage is for you to submit your paper and this should be done in the correct format. The procedure is the same whether you are doing a poster or oral presentation.

You can download a WORD template here. If you need to use other software then please make sure you retain the layout and the style and particularly the font. However, you must submit your paper to us in WORD or PDF format.

When your paper is ready please email it to us at

The deadline for papers is 26th March and you must register as a delegate by 8th April. If you do not register by that date your paper cannot be accepted. There is a reduced rate for authors and you can find out about this on the registration page.

Please note also that:


  • Only one paper is permitted per delegate.
  • When your final paper is accepted it will be included in the Symposium proceedings but a few papers may have to be changed from Oral to Poster if there is no room in the timetable. We will let you know if that is the case as soon as we can.



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