Symposium date:
October 19-21, 2020 | Paris

Quiet Drones

Authors Instructions and Guidance

This page is for those of you who have had an abstract accepted. Please read it carefully as the procedure is different now we have a remote symposium.

Submit Your Paper by 13th August 2020

The next stage is for you to submit your paper by 13th August and this should be done in the correct format. You can download a WORD template here. If you need to use other software, then please make sure you retain the layout and the style and particularly the font. However, you must submit your paper to us in WORD or PDF format. There is no maximum length but we suggest that 20 pages is too long! Please also limit the file size to 15Mb. The procedure is the same whether you are doing a poster or oral presentation. This is the paper that will go into the symposium proceedings and be available to delegates to download prior to during and after the symposium and for the general public to buy after the symposium has finished. When your paper is ready please email it to us at

Submit your presentation and register for the Symposium by 28th August 2020

The next stage after that will be for you to provide us with your slide presentation and to register for the symposium and pay the fee. You must do both of these by 28th August or we cannot accept your paper and it will not be included in the proceedings or be presented at the symposium. Registration is now open again with much reduced fees!

You should provide us with a short slide presentation that we can play in a live slot during the Symposium. You will not need to make your own presentation live at the symposium, but we would like you be present during your session to take part in the discussion.

Format of your presentation

The presentation should be between 8 and 10 minutes long. It is important that it is not longer than 10 minutes and that the file size is not more than 100MB. Use an aspect ratio of 16:9

The straightforward way is to use the PowerPoint facility to add commentary to your slide show. Go to Slide Show > Record Slide Show and take it from there. There is plenty of help within PowerPoint if you have not done it before. On recent versions of PowerPoint you can add a video of yourself in the corner. That is up to you but be careful that your picture does not obscure any of the material on the slides. Putting your picture on also increases the file size. After that you can export it to an .mp4 video file in PowerPoint. Go to File > Export > Record Video. You can experiment with the export quality of the video file but you will probably need to use HD 720p to keep the file size low enough unless you use compression software to reduce the mp4 file size. If you want some more tips look at this guidance from CIDB.

If you have a large screen and experience at this you may be able to video yourself presenting it live. If you have a screencasting app you may prefer to use that. However, if you do this, make sure the material on the screen is easily legible. Recommended codec: AV1, AVC(H.264), MPEG-2, VP9.

Whichever way you do it you must end up with an mp4 file that is no more than 100MB. Please make sure that the video and sound quality is good.

Sending us your presentation by 28th August

Finally, you need let us have the mp4 file by 28th August at the latest:

  • Please name your mp4 file starting with the family name of the lead author. The rest of the file name can be what you like.
  • When we receive your written paper we will send you an ID and a password and a website address to which you can upload your presentation. If you have already submitted your paper, these details will be sent in early August.





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