Symposium date:
May 25-27, 2020 | Paris

Quiet Drones

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Registration is now open.

If you register as a delegate you get entry to all the conference presentations - poster and oral - and the workshops. You will get lunch, and tea, coffee etc as available at various times during the day. You will come to any other events that are part of the conference programme.

The conference fee is €590 but this is reduced to €490 before 9th April. Authors have a discount and will be send a discount code. Any author that does not have a discount code please contact us through the contact page. Anyone else who is entitled to a discount and does not have a code should contact the organisers. Those with a discount code should note that the price will show as €490 until the code is entered.

The administration of the Conference is by CIDB which, as an NGO is VAT exempt.

If you would like to register and pay now then click this link. This will take you to the CIDB payments page where you can pay via PayPal, by credit card or by BACS. There are a few instructions in French - please use DeepL or another translator to assist if you have problems.

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